Jason Gillman For Speaker Of The House

Sign-speaker I’m eligible, and have a whole day in which to reach our congressmen. “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” — U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 2, clause 5 Pass it along. We need to shave off very FEW votes. I am in […] Continue reading →

Elect Jason Gillman To The County Commission

Head Reaching out I have walked, bicycled and called to over twelve hundred households in the sixth commission district.  Not bad for someone who is running a small business, writing daily, and just plain living.  However, there are many more whom I have not yet reached, and time is short before election day. This information is […] Continue reading →

Watch This Space

Head Over the weekend, I intend on making a final statement supporting my candidacy for county commission. For many of you it will be like Deja Vu all over again. I have made many of the arguments on your doorstep, and hope you still stop back by for a final look. See you then. Continue reading →

Get Your Signs!

signs Call the house 929-2067 and let me know where you would like us to place a sign to show your support for smaller more efficient government. Leave a message if we don’t answer, including a call back number and an address so we can get one to you!   Continue reading →

AV Chase

AV Many elections are decided a little earlier than the primary date. Absentee voters make up a substantial part of the electorate, and many of THOSE folks based on the materials and information at hand by the time the ballots reached them.  Politicians generally try to make their case for election with the AV voters by […] Continue reading →

What This Site Is All About

Sign-art Most campaign sites are ‘cookie cutter’ and somewhat predictable. Usually there will be the splash page, a fundraising page, and an ‘about me’ section that might even give a little insight as to what might be important to the candidate.  A generic pledge for accountable government, responsible decision making, and lower taxes if the site […] Continue reading →

Another Term?

truck-sign I hope that I am able to sit on the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners again. The sign is on the side of the truck, and the campaign is ready to go.  In 2012 I had decided not to run for the county commission spot. This year its different. There is a clear need […] Continue reading →