Inside Job

Many visitors here are contacting me about a recent political resolution by the GT GOP county convention.

While I understand that the biggest injury to people now-a-days seems to be feelings hurt and not how real policy is enacted, it was still important to note that politics is a product.   The former Michigan Governor Milliken is a big boy, and has had 76 years of adulthood to figure out how best to influence people through politics.

He has served the country honorably, as a veteran and public servant, and I for one do not doubt intentions that he might have had in office or afterward for the betterment of the state and its people.  We disagree on many things however, and he has expertly used his position as a former Republican masthead to advance causes and goals that are not a part of the Republican product.

Honest Republicans would argue that he has no business selling Hillary, John Kerry, Jennifer Granholm, Gary Peters, or other Democrats off of Republican store shelves.  Its as simple as that.

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Customer:     A Whopper with cheese please

BK Guy:    I think you would like the Big Mac better.

Customer:     Big Mac? Isn’t that McD’s?

BK Guy:    Yes.  They are quite good too.

Customer:     Is this BK selling Big Macs now for the McD’s next door?

BK Guy:    Oh.. Not really, but I am.  I just think that is a better choice.

Customer:     But you work here at BK?

BK Guy:    For about 60 years. Yessiree.

Customer:     Doesn’t it bother management, that you are trying to sell McD’s product at this counter?

BK Guy:    Been doing it for years.  No one seems to care.

Customer:     ..I would like to speak to the manager, please?

Manager:   Can I help you?

Customer:     Do you know that your employee is selling McD product from your counter

Manager:   Oh, BK Bill?  Yeah..  He does that.  He is a heck of a nice guy.

Customer:     It doesn’t bother you that your associate is selling the competition’s product across your counter?

Manager:   I completely understand your concern, but he HAS been working here for decades.  I would say he knows better than any of us what to sell.

Customer:     But ..

Manager:    AND he is a true servant.  He even goes next door occasionally to help the McD’s folks mop their floor, AND clean their toilets!

Customer:     And you let him?

Manager:    Its how we get them to smile at us, {whispering – we really don’t like when they get mad}

Customer:     I see.   OK..  but.. oh never mind.   I really wanted the Whopper with cheese but, how about the Chicken Fries?

BK Guy:      I think you would prefer the Hamburgler Happy meal.Hamburgler