Why Import This?

pray-for-parisMichigan’s governor has expressed an interest in opening the gates for refugees from Syria.

As seen in the tragic Paris attack, vetting those who would settle in our nation, and particularly in our state is of utmost importance. France has discovered at least two of the Islamic terrorists perpetrating the attack in Paris were part of the refugee movement, which would also send high risk refugees here as well.

I must first question the governor’s desire to put Michigan at-risk for the same sort of extremist violence. By ignoring normal immigration procedure and fast-tracking of settlements from such unstable parts of the world, he undermines our citizens’ safety. By admitting the large number of demographically high risk candidates for entry is asking for trouble in my view.

Will the current representative of Michigan’s 104th district, Larry Inman, offer any legislative warning or interference with the governor’s design? Has he made a statement in opposition to a broad acceptance of those who carry a higher probability of future violence than those who have gone through a normal vetting process? No?

Call his office at 517-373-1766 and ask him why not.