Office Hours

104th-Office-hoursIts one thing to accept visits in Lansing “by appointment only,” and yet another to make yourself available to those whom you represent.

The current representative for Michigan’s 104th house district will likely meet up with you if you give him a call beforehand.  You might even run into him in random spots about town on the weekends, but he has hardly been widely available on a regular schedule to hear your concerns about what is going on in Lansing, and around the state in General.

I have been available and listening to Grand Traverse County residents for years without even holding office.  Hardly a week goes by without folks from the community stopping in to the family store to talk ‘shop’ in ways that have nothing to do with our security business. People know that their words find a receptive ear when talking about local political and governmental issues.

Why stop that now?

Show up (no appointment necessary)  Fridays from 8AM til 12 noon.

Come on by, and I will buy you the first cup of coffee.  And don’t worry, the conversation will go on well beyond the election.