Inside Job

Many visitors here are contacting me about a recent political resolution by the GT GOP county convention.

While I understand that the biggest injury to people now-a-days seems to be feelings hurt and not how real policy is enacted, it was still important to note that politics is a product.   The former Michigan Governor Milliken is a big boy, and has had 76 years of adulthood to figure out how best to influence people through politics. […]


Life begins at conception. I have no problem making that statement.  It is hardly “above my pay grade” or doubtful in my mind.  The miracle of life is something that cannot be considered for even a moment to be inconvenient or even trivial.  It is a gift from God, that we should cherish. As we Read more about Life[…]

Save The Children.

Are Bailouts The Right Answer for DPS? The Michigan House just voted to give the Detroit Public Schools a $500 million bailout and the State Senate wants to give $800 million. 104th State Representative and incumbent Larry Inman explains it away as a necessary evil.  He suggested on the Ron Jolly radio program Wednesday morning, Read more about Save The Children.[…]

Where’s Your Rep?

I have had the ability to reach the current representative for the 104th district a little more than the average Joe. But more than a few folks have said they cannot get him to respond.  Leaving messages that are never returned, and expecting some kind of reporting on what is happening in Lansing or what Read more about Where’s Your Rep?[…]

DPS Down Payment A Mistake.

Operation ‘Can Kick’ In Full Swing. Its for the children, right? HB5296, a $48.7 Million bill to get DPS through the school year, met little resistance from our state legislature, with seven senate, and only four house members opposing the final package.  How could anyone vote to essentially close the doors?  Its a valid question, Read more about DPS Down Payment A Mistake.[…]

Immortality, Physics, And The Automatic Sunset.

Ronald Reagan once noted that

“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” 

The Gipper understood all too well what happens when an agency is created for any reason. […]

Office Hours

Its one thing to accept visits in Lansing “by appointment only,” and yet another to make yourself available to those whom you represent. The current representative for Michigan’s 104th house district will likely meet up with you if you give him a call beforehand.  You might even run into him in random spots about town Read more about Office Hours[…]

Unintended Consequences

Part of being in leadership, is to have a bigger picture of what might happen when certain decisions are made. Legislative authority carries with it great responsibility.  A large part of it is to have an understanding of human nature, and the effect that some rules will have on people’s actions.  So it is important Read more about Unintended Consequences[…]