Life begins at conception. I have no problem making that statement.  It is hardly “above my pay grade” or doubtful in my mind.  The miracle of life is something that cannot be considered for even a moment to be inconvenient or even trivial.  It is a gift from God, that we should cherish. As we Read more about Life[…]

Unintended Consequences

Part of being in leadership, is to have a bigger picture of what might happen when certain decisions are made. Legislative authority carries with it great responsibility.  A large part of it is to have an understanding of human nature, and the effect that some rules will have on people’s actions.  So it is important Read more about Unintended Consequences[…]

The Message Of Flint

By now, any Michigan resident has heard at least a half dozen different reasons how the Flint water crisis began. Not only the origin, but how several mistakes have been made along the way to the public realization that there was even a crisis in the first place.  Warnings were ignored, people became sick, and Read more about The Message Of Flint[…]